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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Watch Cotto vs Margarito II - Who is your pick?

Few hours from now Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito will be facing each other on a grudge rematch. Cotto thought he has been cheated by Margarito on their first fight and vows to gain back the loss that he once committed on the hands of Margarito.

We can watch their fight today live from Madison Square Garden online. Top Rank has been given a free raffle PPV code for this fight and anyone who participate gets a chance to win this code and watch the fight live on their PC's and Laptops.

The question today is... Will Margarito prove to Cotto and to the fans that his first win is not a fluke? Can he prove that he really won not because of the allegations that he and his promoter put up a padding on his fist? The other thing is... Will Cotto bounce back from a lost and regain his status as one of the best boxing icon on his home country?

These questions can be answered later. So what are we waiting for come and watch the fight live straight onto you PC's, laptops and mobile phones.

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